The best sexual health clinic in Singapore can provide you with treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Contact them as soon as possible if you have symptoms.

Most sexually transmitted diseases are easily manageable and treatable when detected early and treated properly. Singapore has several sexual health clinics that can assist you in managing such conditions and give you advice on how to prevent them from recurring.

Listed below are the top sexual health clinics in Singapore. Please note that there is no particular ranking.

Kensington Family Clinic

BEST FOR Comprehensive STD Screening
SERVICESHIV Testing, PrEP and PEP, STD Treatment, and STD Vaccinations
ADDRESS14D Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557265
CONTACT DETAILS62884882 9295 9585[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Singapore’s best clinic for sexual health offers STD testing and treatment, vaccinations, HIV testing, and even anonymous HIV testing and is considered to be one of the best in Singapore.

A general screening is also available to customers who want to know what their overall health is like.

The women’s and men’s clinic provides medical treatment for reproductive-system-related issues that affect both genders. Moreover, you may be able to use your medical insurance to cover the procedure and the consultation.


  • Insured clinic
  • HIV prevention
  • General health screenings

Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic

BEST FOR General Health Screenings
SERVICESSTD Testing, STD Treatment HIV Testing, Anonymous Testing, Rapid Testing, HIV Prevention, HPV VaccinationsPre-marital Screenings, and Pregnancy Tests,
ADDRESS1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-06, Singapore 082001
CONTACT DETAILS+65 64433101; +65 96622880 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 08:30 PM

As one of Singapore’s most comprehensive sexual health clinics, Tanjong Pagar Clinic provides testing, treatment, and education. HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, and herpes are among the STDs tested for.

Additionally, human papillomavirus vaccination is included, which contributes to a healthy sexual life.

Additionally, every member of the medical staff is trained professionally, and respects every patient’s privacy. Discrimination will never occur.

Patients can also undergo HIV and STD tests in a faster and still effective manner. Patients will be notified of their results within 20 minutes.


  • Health screenings
  • Anonymous testing
  • Professional medical staff

Atlas Pacific Medical

BEST FOR STD and HIV Screenings
SERVICESSTD Testing, HIV Testing, Low Testosterone, Cancer Screenings, and Contraception
ADDRESS428 River Valley Road 01-10 [email protected], Singapore 248327
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 08:00 PM

If you’re searching for a clinic that tests for STDs and HIV, consider Atlas Pacific Medical.

Many Singaporeans have benefited from seeing their status on some of the most common sexually transmittable diseases. Our team believes that they are one of the best sexual health clinics in Singapore for this reason.

Experienced and trained doctors conduct the tests and provide advice on staying safe. Atlas Pacific Medical’s friendly, approachable doctors will put you in good hands because they’re well known for their friendly demeanors.


  • Experienced doctors
  • Rapid testing

DSC Clinic

BEST FOR Counselling
SERVICESSexual Health Check-up, HIV Testing, Papsmear Test, and Type Specific HSV Serology Testing
ADDRESS31 Kelantan Ln, Singapore 200031
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6293 9648
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Treatment at DSC Clinic is available to men, women, youth, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Due to its recognition of the importance of sexual health education and services for every sector, we believe that this is one of the best sexual health clinics in Singapore.

A variety of services are offered by the center, including STD testing and treatment, HIV testing and management, pap smears, vaccinations, and general health screenings.

Moreover, it aims to ensure the safety of young people by offering relevant education.


  • Prevention and education
  • Anonymous testing
  • Patient counselling

DTAP Clinic

BEST FOR STD Prevention
SERVICESSTD Testing, STD Screening, Anal Papsmear, Genital Warts Treatment, HIV Testing, and HPV Vaccination
ADDRESS11 Unity St, #02-07 Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6962 7144
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 8am–9pmSaturday 9am–9pmSunday 9am–2pm

DTAP (Dr. Tan and Partners) Clinic has been treating Singaporeans since 2005 for sexual health concerns. Over the years, the hospital has provided quality and reliable healthcare to thousands of people.

One of the best sexual health clinics in Singapore is known for its comprehensive STD testing services, all of which are performed by experts. The patients are also given advice about how to be as safe as possible once the test is completed.


  • Anonymous testing
  • Quick testing
  • Experienced medical staff

The Health Advisory Clinic

BEST FOROne-stop Healthcare Services
SERVICESErectile Dysfunction
Low Testosterone
Male Cancer Screening
Male Fertility Testing
Premature Ejaculation
Breast Cancer Screening
Cervical Cancer Screening And Prevention
Pre-Conception Screening
Female Infertility Screening
Menstrual Disorder
Ovarian Cancer Screening
Vaginal Infections
HIV Testing
STD Testing
STD Treatments
Allergy Testing
Cancer Screening
Weight Loss Treatment
General Health Screening
Health Screening Packages
ADDRESS1 Raffles place #04-49
Singapore, 048616
CONTACT DETAILS(+65) 6226 6442(+65) 9886 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri : 0900 – 1800
Saturday : 0900 – 1400
Sunday & PH : Closed

Health Advisory Clinic offers a wide range of medical services that will meet the needs of patients with a variety of medical concerns. Their main areas of expertise include men’s health, women’s health, sexual health, and prevention of disease.

Whether it is lab testing or imaging, their specialized doctors provide the most up-to-date treatments. Their assistance can easily address and resolve any medical concerns you may have. 


  • Comprehensive services
  • Accommodates a wide range of medical needs
  • Convenient location
  • Individualised healthcare

Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery

BEST FORAndrology (Men’s Health), Infectious Diseases, and Erectile Dysfunction
Men’s Health
Women’s Health
GP service
ADDRESS78B, Telok Blangah Street 32, #01-22, Singapore 102078
CONTACT DETAILS6802 7208 | [email protected] 
Operating Hours Mon to Fri Day: 8:30am to 1:30pm Night: 6:30pm to 9:00pm (except Friday night) Closed on Friday Night Saturday 8:30am to 1:00pm Sunday closed Public Holidays – 9:00am to 1:00pm

The clinic’s specialty areas include family medicine and infectious diseases, with an emphasis on andrology (men’s health).  

Clinical experience in Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Ireland is held by clinic director Dr. Vincent Chia. Professor Johnny Bourke was his tutor while he studied dermatology. Professor Bourke is the author of two prominent dermatology textbooks: Mosby’s Color Atlas and Textbook on Dermatology, and Dermatology: Fundamentals of Practice.

During this period he was also able to refine his skills in delicate cryosurgery, genital dermatology, venereology, and other dermatological procedures.

With over 21 years of clinical experience under his belt, Dr. Vincent Chia has grown from strength to strength. Among the services being provided at the clinic are those dealing with andrology (men’s health), infectious diseases, and erectile dysfunction, as well as highly knowledgeable and accommodating staff.

A variety of women-specific services are also available at Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery, including screenings, family planning, and general women’s health services.

Children, adults, and seniors can also receive primary care services. 


  • Professional Doctors and Physician
  • Full range services
  • Approachable Doctors

DTAP Express

BEST FOR Doctor-less Clinic
SERVICESConfidential self STD testing & HIV testing services
ADDRESS11 Unity St, #02-07 Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6962 1963
OPERATING HOURSMonday 10am–7pm
Tuesday 10am–7pm
Wednesday 10am–7pm
Thursday 10am–7pm
Friday 11am–7pm
Saturday 10am–3pm
Sunday 10am–3pm

In today’s fast-paced world, there is no pause. So why should you take a break?

No matter what, we will always keep moving forward. Ultimately, this helps you lead a fulfilling life. Every second counts for those who work hard.

With DTAP Express, you can move forward more quickly, as well as many others. In the middle of the business district, located in this clinic, you can self-test for STDs.

Further, DTAP Express offers digital phlebotomy results, so patients can monitor their health in real-time. Getting tested is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with DTAP Express. 

The fast, hassle-free, and confidential service provided by DTAP Express allows you to conquer the day.


  • Accessible location
  • Rapid-self testing centre
  • Discreet, quick, fuss-free and confidential

InSync Medical

BEST FOR Inclusive sexual healthcare
SERVICESDiagnosis and treatment of women’s and men’s sexual conditions
ADDRESS66 East Coast Rd The Flow, #07-01, Singapore 428778
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9087 8717 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon & Tue – 9am to 9pmWed & Thur – 9am to 4pmFri – 9am to 5pmSat – 9am to 3pm

Several reasons led us to choose InSync Medical.

They provide a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options for women and men with sexual health concerns. Dr. Jessherin Sidhu is an excellent choice for women dealing with menstrual irregularities or searching for contraception advice.

Throughout her consultations, she emphasizes health and empowerment while maintaining a sex-positive perspective. Providing a safe and open environment for discussion of sexual health issues extends well beyond simply treating diseases, which means people need not feel ashamed to speak up.

Due to this approach, her clinic is quite welcoming for patients of any gender, sexual orientation, or lifestyle.

In addition, we learned that through their partnership with the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics they provide their beneficiaries with complimentary consultations on foreign domestic workers. 

Since they truly care about their patients, InSync Medical is a great choice for anyone looking for information regarding their sexual health.


  • Inclusive approach to treatment and consultations
  • Complimentary consultations for beneficiaries of Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics
  • Wide range of procedures available
  • Long business hours

So there are our picks for Singapore’s best sexual health clinics. The clinics guarantee they will assist with preventing STDs and managing STD-related illnesses.

Feel free to let us know if you know of any other sexual clinics you think are worth visiting, and we’ll see if we can add them to the list!

*Images are taken from each company’s official websites/social media.

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