To keep cockroaches away from our property and prevent further health risks, we need an expert to provide a long-term solution. Cleaning and keeping our place tidy often isn’t enough.

Listed below are the best cockroach control companies in Singapore to assist you in finding one.

These companies offer advanced solutions for exterminating cockroaches and other pests, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on temporary treatments.

We listed some of the best places in Singapore to find cockroach control.

Top Pest Control

BEST FOR Specialised cockroach control and management program
ADDRESS3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #08-12 Singapore 159471
CONTACT DETAILS(+65) 6246 2893

Cockroaches won’t be able to infest your home if you use Top Pest Control’s certified treatments. With their trained experts, they can design a specialised program that suits the type of cockroach control needed for your place.

The company has dealt with thousands of cockroach infestations over the years, and their solutions have always been perfectly safe and non-toxic. With their services, there’s no need to worry about possible health risks during the control treatment.

An extensive inspection is conducted to make sure all cockroaches are completely exterminated before they can cause further damage to your property.


  • Commercial and industrial services
  • On-site pest treatments
  • Emergency services
  • Multi-site service agreements

Customer Reviews

Expert technicians have been the subject of many compliments at Top Pest Control. According to reports, the team was able to apply efficient and effective treatments to solve any pest issue.

This is why the company is known for having the best cockroach control in Singapore. A customer posted this feedback:

“Chris attended to my response in the middle of night and he managed to help me diagnose the pest that was giving me a headache. I’m very impressed with his knowledge and professional approach in handling pests. His service has far exceeded my expectations and he even helped me to draft an official report to send to my landlord. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris again for his help!”

Maximum Pest Management

BEST FOR Environment-friendly solutions
ADDRESS54 Maude Road #02-06 Singapore 208346

The treatments that Maximum Pest Management uses are all environmentally friendly, safe, and more effective than traditional pest control methods.

Most commonly, they use water-based pest control products to combat pest infestations, and these products have proven to be highly effective. In line with their environmentally-conscious mindset, they also try to adopt a catch and release approach as much as possible.

Residential and commercial properties can also be serviced by them. So if you need to remove the pests in your home or office, they have one of the best cockroach controls in Singapore.


  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Catch and release approach

Customer Reviews

Maximum Pest Management has earned the trust of their customers because of their fast, efficient, and reliable services. A customer wrote this review:

“We were looking for a new pest control company, and came across Maximum Pest. They were hired based on professionalism and promptness of response, from the site inspection, quotation, to scheduling first session and a report log emailed to us after the work is done. A company that’s capable and efficient in pest-killing as with E-mails and responses is hard to come by. Definitely recommended”


BEST FOR Strategic cockroach control management
ADDRESS59 New Upper Changi Rd, #01-1274, Singapore 461059
CONTACT DETAILS+65 8800 7378
OPERATING HOURSWeekdays and Saturdays: 8.00 AM – 8.00 PM

Getting rid of cockroach eggs and young roaches is no problem for Pesticon, which offers comprehensive cockroach control. This way, your place will be completely free from cockroaches!

Cockroach pesticides and integrated pest management are combined for fast and effective removal. They also use long-lasting cockroach baits, like gel and granules, to maximize the longevity of cockroach control.

To reduce the number of existing cockroaches, cockroach misting is applied when an infestation is heavy. Then, they’ll deploy cockroach traps to monitor the progress.


  • Maintenance program
  • Disinfection services
  • Wood protection
  • Posttreatment follow up

Customer Reviews

Innovative methods, effective solutions, and a commitment to customer satisfaction have been appreciated by Pesticon’s customers. A customer shared this experience:

“KC is a consummate professional when he came over to assist with the cockroaches problem at our place. He displays empathy as well, taking into account that we have 2 small boys at home, he makes sure to place the poison out of reach of our boys. It’s been 5 days after the treatment and we can see the results. Highly recommended.”


BEST FOR Wide range of treatments
ADDRESS31 Woodlands Close #04-02 Woodlands Horizon Singapore 737855

Pentapest has a team of trained professionals who can handle both residential and commercial pest control management.

They also provide cockroach extermination services using a non-toxic, eco-friendly method that removes unwanted pests without causing harm to the environment.

Inspections are conducted by the company, along with treatment recommendations. They also conduct both exterior and interior barrier treatments for a more effective termination.

Known as one of the best cockroach control companies in Singapore, this company offers cockroach treatments including flush outs, gel baiting stations, granular bait stations, WP applications, and residual sprays. With these strategies, you can be sure that your place will be fully protected from cockroaches and any pests.


  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Regular follow up
  • Monitoring program
  • Warranty assurance

Customer Reviews

The Pentapest treatment packages are both efficient and affordable, which is why customers appreciate them. They also mentioned the professionalism of the staff as well as the consistent follow-up treatments.

A customer left this review:

“After the first pest service in November last year, we noticed a marked improvement i.e. we didn’t see cockroaches crawling around the kitchen anymore. Those that we see are only the dead ones. Now after the second pest service, there’s no more cockroaches crawling out! Their treatment in solving my cockroach issue is really effective! Thumbs up Penta Pest!”


BEST FOR Cockroach flush out program, Government sectors
ADDRESS48 Toh Guan Rd E, Singapore 608586
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6896 6607

As a leading pest management company in Singapore, Killem offers a wide range of services. They offer long-term solutions for all types of pest problems, including cockroaches.

Its pest control vehicles, qualified technicians, and high-quality treatments make it one of the finest pest control companies around.

The company uses a cockroach flushing program to get rid of infestations and rid of all pests. The process involves residual spraying chemical treatment called green pesticide.

After the treatments are completed, chemical residues will not be left behind since they are easily washed away by cleaning products.

Some of the other methods they employ include glue strips, caulk gaps, gel baits, roach hotels, cockroach traps, cockroach foggers, Cyper WP, and Boric acid.

As a cockroach control company in Singapore, they have served residential, commercial, and even government sectors, proving that they are among the best in their field.


  • Green pesticides
  • Flexible and convenient operations
  • Multiple termination methods

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews indicate that Killem’s treatments produce immediate and long-lasting results. A customer gave this feedback:

“Killem Pest have good and Expert employee to remove the termite & cockroach from my house & office. Killem Pest provide fast service to control pest like cockroach, termite, bed bug”

Thus concludes our discussion! We have compiled a list of Singapore’s top cockroach control services!

Without complete eradication, pests such as cockroaches can cause long-term damage. Whenever you see them sprawled around your place, make sure to take immediate action.

*Images taken from each company’s official websites/social media.

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